Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Love...

Being out of sight, won't take you out of mind
The toughest job for me is forgetting you I find

I can't ever stop loving, how far you go away
My dear love, I'll do, anything else you say

A morning wish, a good night kiss, I want none
I just pray Almighty, all your wishes to be done

Who says love is complete, if together we stay
Its eternal emotion, separation can't kill it away 


  1. आई तो ऑल्वेज़ लव्ड योर राइटिंग... :-) एंड वॉट अबाउट सम लाइट शेड्स फॉर योर ब्लॉग ???

  2. Thanks bhaiya :-)
    I'll change the theme