Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Love...

Being out of sight, won't take you out of mind
The toughest job for me is forgetting you I find

I can't ever stop loving, how far you go away
My dear love, I'll do, anything else you say

A morning wish, a good night kiss, I want none
I just pray Almighty, all your wishes to be done

Who says love is complete, if together we stay
Its eternal emotion, separation can't kill it away 

Friday, September 16, 2011

I have a heart too

I always want to meet, to get close, very close. I want to ask some questions though I never got a chance, but ....... but I know what the answer would be. Definitely I'll get the answer "I have a heart too, that feels happiness, that recognises sorrow,its not just a blood pumping machine for the body. I am also a human being just like you. I also need love, care and affection." Oh please don't glide with your imagination to the other way, I'm not telling you a story of break up or I have not broken anyone's heart. I am just talking about the people who are always neglected, the 'Intersex'.
Whenever we talk of a society we just think about the two sexes males and the females. It is  always forgotten that there is also a third category called the intersex . I don't know if our constitution gives them right to equality or not, but I know in practical they don't have any kind of  rights. Even they are not accepted in the family. The society have no place for them. We have educational or job oriented forms and in all of them we have just two options male or female. We have columns for the cast but we can't make a column for the intersex? Why? why they are not given any recognition ? Why are they forced to live in complete isolation ? Just because they can't reproduce? Just because they neither can attempt rape nor be the victim?Reproduction is a very important feature to maintain the population of a species but its not the only thing for the human beings. Are human beings made to just get birth and give birth ? 
According to commerce Human beings are the best resource of all the resources. All the Human capital should be developed to take the form of a resource for the nation's economy. Human beings does not only mean the males and the females, the intersex are also human beings and an asset for the country which need to be developed as a resource. 
Although many a time discriminated but the disabled have their place in society if they are male or female, they get chance to prove themselves but this is not the case with the intersex. Some are mentally disabled, some are physically disabled but they are the part of the society and they also play their part very well in the society. Similarly why can't the sexually disabled i.e. intersex be accepted in the society?? 

JUST THINK ABOUT IT.............................